Has Your Search for Medical Cannabis Gone Up in Smoke?

Don’t Be Caught Half Lit.

WeedZip is operated by a local Tulsa based marketing company. Founded in 2009, we recognize the importance of adapting to evolving technology. WeedZip was created specifically with Oklahoma in mind. We cater to both the dispensary and the patient.

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Locate the Closest Dispensary

WeedZip gives cannabis patients the opportunity to locate the closest dispensary to you. We also understand it’s important that you trust your medical marijuana provider. Make sure your dispensary has its OK4U verification badge on their profile. This Badge can only be displayed once a dispensary has undergone a thorough checklist of requirements.

Dispensary Branding

At WeedZip we understand the medical marijuana industry is highly saturated and requires competitive marketing. It is vital for your brand to have a strong digital footprint and that’s what we’re offering. What about the Mom and Pop Shop with no marketing budget? Is there a place for them? There is now. WeedZip was made to support local businesses by a local business. Our professionals have crafted a detailed profile for every dispensary in Oklahoma. Never pay just to be on our map. Paid upgrades are definitely available, though.

Say No to Bidding

We also acknowledge the only people who benefit from Top-Spot bidding practices are the dispensaries with the largest budgets, and the company selling the profile. WeedZip has the solution. JUST DON’T BID. 

WeedZip is proud to offer Oklahoma dispensaries a verification option through OK4U. Expect secret shoppers when your dispensary applies for our Verification Badge. There is a thorough checklist which includes, but is not limited to, quality control, cleanliness, customer service, budtender knowledge of the product, security, and much more.

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